May 26, 2023 Reviews

LED Driving Lights vs. Halogen Lights: Which is Right for You?

Whether it’s daytime in off-riding situations or nighttime of driving, being able to see clearly, including a wide range of view, is what every driver needs. The design of the car’s headlights has significantly improved over time to provide a better view, but changes in the light bulb have far more impact on the vision than anything else.

Headlight not only serves the major purpose of better view but also has the secondary purpose of making the car look good. If this is your first time buying lights for your car, here’s a complete buyer’s guide for you. 

Pros Of Halogen Lights

Low Maintenance Cost

Something can be outstanding in efficiency, but is the money going to be worth it for the product and the life expectancy along with it? When it comes to halogen bulbs, they are cheaper to manufacture and can be easily replaced. Due to the simple working mechanism of halogen bulbs, they are easier to get ahold of and even easier to replace them. Instead of taking your vehicle to the shop, you can easily replace it, which would save a ton of money over the years.

Easy On The Eyes

Brighter is not always the best since halogen bulbs generate a luminosity of around 900 to 1000 lumens. Its light spectrum is close to yellow light, which looks softer compared to driving LED light at first glance, which is not a downside as it can help you avoid many accidents. A person driving across in front of you won’t be blinded by your halogen headlights, making it safe to travel at night.

Cons Of Halogen Lights

Not Efficient

Halogen bulbs do not create enough lumens as per the power they consume, and they are based on old technology when output was not an issue.

Life Span

One of the significant issues with halogen bulbs is their lifespan. They need to be changed every after around 2000 hours which is a concise number compared to LED lights.


Better Visibility

When buying lights, it is important that only are they bright enough but are also efficient. LED provides you with better visibility along with visibility on the sides which can come in handy at times. Its ability to light up the space far enough, along with side illumination, helps the driver see better, which helps avoid any mishaps.

Efficient With Better Design  

LED bulbs produce more lumens with low power making them much more efficient and a better choice over halogen bulbs. Due to its compact design, many automobile companies prefer it, giving it more options and probabilities to work with it.

Cons Of LED

Too Bright

Unlike halogen lights which are warm to look at, LED light is more on the white side with huge illumination, which can blind the incoming traffic, especially if you are further up or in a truck. So if you choose to install LED, have the dimmer option too along with it.

Replacement Is Expensive

LEDs have a longer life but eventually will need to be replaced even after a very long time when electric current can no longer light up diodes. You will find replacing your LED headlight with a new one expensive.


While driving, safety comes from the seatbelt and seeing everything clearly in your path. The advanced design of the headlight paired with LED light grants you that vision to keep you focused on the road, seeing clearly with wider and longer ranges. Browse an extensive selection of LED driving lights the best-LED lights and products.