August 7, 2020 Uncategorized

Is It Safe to Travel During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

With the pandemic subsiding to some extent and the world getting more used to its existence, people have begun to wonder whether traveling has become safe or not? With countries and borders slowly opening up, many are tempted to reconsider their travel plans and take a trip locally within the pandemic or perhaps even traveling overseas. However, the question that arises is whether it is safe or not?

The thing is every time we travel, we are exposed to new infections and viruses. However, with COVID, we are at heightened risk when travelling. More recently there has been a high demand for MA Services to monitor and provide public safety measures at airports and public travel locations. That is why it is suggested that people do not travel and remain where they are. However, if travel cannot be avoided or you are all right with taking a risk then travel can be permitted only if you follow the conditions given below.

  1. Don’t travel if you are sick

If you feel even a little unwell, make sure not to travel. Even though you may think it’s a sniffle or a cold, it may not be that and it could lead you to infecting others around. Hence, we suggest that if you feel under the weather, then you should refrain from traveling at all costs.

  • Mask

Following global protocols, wearing a mask is now essential in all places especially airports. This is why we suggest that you invest in either an N95 mask which is what doctors recommend or a reputable 3 ply facemask that will keep you and those around you protected from the virus.

  • Sanitize

Our hand touches surfaces even when we are unaware of it. This is why keeping your hands clean at all times is essential. We suggest that you go for gloves but if wearing gloves on the whole trip is not feasible, then use a sanitizer constantly to make sure that you do not contract the virus from anywhere.

  • Maintain distance

It is recommended that you maintain a 6-feet distance with all other passengers as that will help curb the spread of the virus. This will also ensure that you are away from any germs or viruses and will help you stay safe on your travel journey.  

  • Food options

Even though most airports and other travel destinations do provide food, we suggest that you bring your own food. This will ensure that you are safe from any sort of viruses and will not contract it in any way. If the journey is long and you have no option but to consume the food given to you then we suggest you clean your hands thoroughly with sanitizer and make sure that you are at a safe distance to remove your mask to eat.