October 14, 2021 Reviews

Best Artificial Grass Reviews 2021: Complete Buyer’s Guide

So, you’re trying to redecorate your house and find out about the brilliance of the artificial grass. Who wouldn’t want it? It can look best for years to come, and there isn’t any mud to mess up your house. There is no need for you to mow the loan or maintain it. What’s more? You don’t have to spend countless hours maintaining it, just for someone to step on it and ruin it. 

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The recent home decor practices have seen remarkable growth in the demand for artificial grass. However, among all the shopping tips that you can get, a guide to finding suitable artificial grass is pivotal.

This is a specifically curated guide to help you buy artificial grass. You will be surprised to find out what goes into consideration. So, the first thing you need to do is:

Set Up The Budget And Stick To It

Budget is always going to be a deciding factor for the things you can or can’t buy. It will also save you the trouble of rejecting the grass you can’t afford. Try to simplify it and stick to the lower end of the budget you can space. Believe it. You might end up spending a little extra. That’s why just stick to the lower end.

Unlike natural grass, artificial grass comes at a price of per meter square. Thus, it will cost you specifically for each meter square. This also gives you a fair idea of how much grass you need. Here are some tips:

  • First, check out the area you want to cover in the grass. Make sure to measure it to have the best idea. You can add an extra or two-meter square to be on the safe side.
  • Budget isn’t just about finding suitable grass. You will have to spend on installation as well. If you’re getting it the first time, get a professional to help. However, you can also try and DIY it. The process isn’t too daunting.
  • Paying for a professional to install it for the first time would be the right choice. So, consider that price range, as well.

Aggregation Requirements Come Next

This point correlates to your budget requirements but in a branched-out manner. If you are installing grass outside, you might not need to aggregate the base floor too much. The grass installation moves over the soil, and the water will drain just fine (rainy days).

However, if you decide to install it somewhere inside, you need to consider some factors:

  • First, you need to consider if you need aggregation.
  • Make sure that the water won’t pool in the area you choose to install the grass.
  • If there is a pooling chance, try to get a drainage system like pipelines installed for the seamless drain.

These factors will somewhat impact your overall budget.

Things To Consider 

Now that you have the budget and other requirements met, it’s time to move to the main attraction. Artificial grass looks simple, but there are different shapes, sizes, and appearances. This list of factors will help you simplify the choices. Thus, you will find the artificial grass that suits you the best:

1.   Pile Height Comes First

The height of your grass, its length determine the entire appearance. If the grass is too long, as it is artificial, it will lay flat. However, shorter grass can give a neater and grainy look. If all you need is a grain of green, that would be great.

But if you sincerely want the best length, around 30 to 35 mm is the best height for the grass. It gives the grassy vibes, and you get a lush appearance, as well. This length is also best for kids, pets, and visitors. It won’t prick anyone or feel thorny while being a gentle touch.

2.   Density Of The Grass Per Square Meter

The density is the amount of grass there is per square meter. It makes a significant impact because you don’t just need grass that covers the area. You need artificial grass that looks good and abundant. The best way to consider it is by weighing it, around 2-3 kgs per square.

However, that might also be due to the quality of the material. So, make a visual check to see if you’re getting exactly what you need. There shouldn’t be too much space between the grass strands.

3.   The Color Choice

The best thing about artificial grass is that there are plenty of colours. It’s not just light green or dark green. There are many options. You can even get unnatural colours like blue. You can find brown, red, yellow, and many more. However, if you’re going for a natural appearance, you might want to stick to green.

But even that’s not as easy. Try to get the grass with a more natural colour theme, like a mix of green and brownish in the root segment (lower areas), which could be a great addition. Try to find something that can blend with your taste and preference.

Other Vital Factors To Consider

By now, you have narrowed down the type of grass you need. However, there might be countless dealers offering the same type of grass that you need. To help you weed out the dealers and find the best option, here are some other factors to consider:

1.   The Quality Of The Material

Look for the quality of the material that should fall right under your budget. There are different grades of materials like C4, C6, etc. These are all artificial materials, but there are some biodegradable options available, as well.

The quality of the material will determine the durability of the grass. It will also impact factors like heat absorption. If it is of cheaper quality, it can heat intensively, melt, or even catch fire due to UV rays. So, consider it.

2.   Longevity And Resistance

The quality of your grass will impact its longevity. However, you can also consider other aspects like resistance against elements. Is it antimicrobial, or do you have to provide the coat? How can you maintain and clean the artificial grass? Factors like these make a significant difference.

Don’t forget to consider the durability of the grass. It shouldn’t tear easily by simply pulling or walking, especially if you have kids or pets.

3.   Warranty Might Be A Good Option

Finally, try to find dealers that can offer some form of warranty. For instance, Paydaydeals have excellent warranties for their clients. These can range from 1 year to 10 years for something like artificial grass. Return or refund policies are also a good idea. This brings us to the final point:

Get A Sample

Before making a purchase, try to get a sample first. Most sellers will provide you a short chunk of grass as a sample. You can use it to get a good idea of the grass. If that’s not available online, then find a return, replacement, or refund policy online. It will safeguard your interest and find you the best option.

Now you have a thorough guideline to buying the best artificial grass on your budget. So, go ahead and get yourself the artificial grass that you deserve!