January 19, 2019 Style

Moving Home? Tips on What Furniture to Throw Out

Need an escape to refresh the soul? Or is it better to create a new start by moving to a new home? If you choose the latter option, then continue reading, so you can have a fresh start by leaving old furniture that doesn’t create a positive living environment.

When moving to a new home, start by looking around your home and take inventory. You are likely to notice that you have a lot of stuff that you do not need. Most likely, you do not want to take the clutter to your new home. The best thing to do is get rid of them, particularly when downsizing your home. Here are a few tips that will help you get rid of the unimportant items on your moving day. They will also make your moving process easier.

–  Pack the small side tables

You should not leave behind the small side tables you place by the side your bed because they can serve other purposes. With the help of quality cushions, you can change them into small stools, side tables for the master bathroom or tables for the patio or living room. The unexpected materials can transform your space.

–  Pack your shelves

You can move to shelve around and add to some other furniture pieces so that they can serve a different purpose. Regardless of how the shelves are beaten up, you can repaint them to provide an antique touch or size them down to fit the new setting. You can also use them in almost any room, change them into bookcases, shoe storage or use them to reorganize the clutter in your wardrobe.

–  Do not leave behind the cabinets

Cabinets do not serve a single purpose. You can place them in various rooms to serve different purposes and you just need to be imaginative to enjoy many benefits. Never throw away an old looking cabinet. Turn it into a linen cabinet, store the valuable porcelain in it or repurpose it into a bookcase, shelve or a wardrobe cabinet.

–  Move with the chairs

Perhaps, the dining room chairs were a focal point in your home’s new and sparkly. But after wearing off, you decided to throw them out. You should think twice. You can repurpose the chairs in any other room like your office. You can also use them as furniture for your patio or decorate the flower planter. You can shorten or cut the legs to get little stools for your living room or use them as side-tables next to your bed.

–  Move with your sofas

People edit their living spaces from time to time because the furniture wears out fast. But one of the sins to avoid involves tossing out the old sofas when moving out. You can reupholster them or dress them up.

–  Do not leave behind the dressers

An old dresser should not go down the recycling path. They have a charm you will never purchase with money. If you are already tired of looking at it, turn on your imagination and do some work. A simple repainting into colours that match your rooms, will provide you with a new furniture piece. Some people add marble countertops to their dressers to serve as kitchen islands. You can get help from professionals.

–  Throw out the unwanted pieces

Some pieces are irrelevant in most homes. You might not be using them, but some people are happy to purchase them. By selling the old furniture, you will reduce your inventory on a moving day and make some money too. You can list the wares personally on some sites like eBay, Amazon, Craigslist, Half.com, and Glyde. But if you do not have the time for all that, some sites like declutter.com will purchase the pieces. Budget-friendly Online furniture store will provide you with the furniture you need.

–  Donate the old broken furniture

Some people keep many furniture pieces simply because they do not know how the right way to dispose of them. Some pieces in your homes might be useless, but unless you get rid of them, they will affect your movement.

Some items are heavy and can be hard to move but throwing away some furniture pieces is punishable. To throw them out, consider the furniture shops and thrift shops in your area ready to purchase the old items. They will also be willing to provide you with a new furniture piece after disposing of the old one. You can also recycle the old furniture to ease your move. Some organizations are ready to pick up any furniture piece that is in resalable condition. Some of the organizations can only pick up smaller pieces like mirrors, nightstands, and headboards. You should