Dental Implants
March 2, 2023 Reviews

Why Should I Consider A Dental Implant For My Missing Tooth?

Dental implants can appear scary as you can wonder it is safe to go through with the procedure. Well, having doubts before trying anything new is a regular thing. The thing which is not normal is not worrying about it. So, unless you are so chilled out and do not care about your oral health, you are good.

Coming back to the point, if you are up in your head about whether you should consider a dental implant for your missing tooth or not, then you are in luck. In this blog, you will find various reasons and benefits of having a dental implant if your tooth is missing or has lost its functionality.

Comfortable And Look Natural

Dental implants are composed of hard metal known as titanium. It integrates with the jawbone in an almost natural way. The implants also have a crown affixed in the front, which looks like a tooth. The procedure is carried out with utmost care, and the patient is given anesthesia to avoid discomfort or pain.

Once the procedure is finished, the teeth look natural. Nobody can really tell the difference until you tell them yourself that you have dental implants.

Not Susceptible To Tooth Decay

The major advantage of having dental implants is that you can get rid of dental caries for a lifetime. Titanium is the metal from which dental implants are made; it is the most robust metal out there. Thus, the metal makes the tooth immune to dental caries.

Good For Improving Oral Health

Once the tooth gets extracted from your mouth, only the socket and bone are left. If the condition is left untreated, the density of the bone can suffer. The reduced density can cause serious oral health problems.

Luckily, when artificial dental implants are integrated, they support the oral cavity and fortify the bone as well. Therefore, dental implants effectively reduce the chances of dental health issues and improve the condition of the oral cavity.

Do Not Interrupt With The Other Functions Of The Mouth

Many people have the misconception that dental implants can mess up the natural functionality of your mouth. However, that’s not the case. The taste bud works exactly the same as they used to when there were natural teeth.

Moreover, dental implants are advanced technology that is compatible with the human’s ability to taste. On the other hand, sliding dentures can be quite difficult to deal with. Luckily, that kind of discomfort or pain is not experienced by patients if they have dental implants.  

Semi-permanent Yet Economical

Permanent treatments require a long-term commitment. And the long-term commitment to dental care calls for spending a hefty sum of money on regular checkups for years. However, in the case of dental implants, once they are integrated and bonded with the bone, they are permanent.

All you have to do is check for your oral care and see if the implants are causing any issues. If there is no issue, you can stop going for unnecessary checkups. 

Enhanced Speaking Ability

Many people overlook this fact, and it’s the most amazing one. If you have a tooth that has lost its function, it can create discomfort in your mouth, affecting your speaking ability. It is even more prominent when the tooth is missing, so you should have dental implants if you want to improve it.  

Effective In Restoring Chewing Function

Dental implants can restore the jaw’s stability and chewing functions by about 90%. However, if you select dentures, they will only restore functionality for around 20%. Moreover, filling the gap is important when the tooth is missing because the missing area will cause the other teeth to shift, creating an even bigger dental issue. Implants rooted in the jaw can support the dentures and prevent them from moving.

Can Last A Lifetime

If you consider the duration of dental implants, then they are pretty inexpensive. If the patient follows the proper oral care steps as the dentist instructed, they can last a lifetime. Moreover, it is not a cosmetic treatment but something crucial for oral health. So, in most countries, these treatments are covered under health insurance.

Final Thoughts

Dental implants have indeed changed the face of dental treatments. Without this innovation, people would have suffered a lot of oral health issues. A missing tooth will not only cause a cavity but also messes up the overall system of your jaw and teeth. Your teeth start sliding towards the cavity, which can also result in misalignment. Not to mention the poor health of your bone density. To avoid all these issues, you should get dental implants if you are missing a tooth or your tooth has lost its functionality.