December 16, 2020 Adventure

Festival outfit ideas to inspire your next look for 2021

2020 has been a cyclone of tragedies for us. Due to the abrupt outbreak of Covid-19, so many businesses shut down, while so many people lost their lives, others lost their jobs, and the financial conditions worsen. Everyone was in a sheer shock that we couldn’t even enjoy the festivals whole-heartedly. After the lockdown termination, when everything is re-opening, the feeling of calm unreality finds its way back to us by bringing the festival season 2021.

Even though the covid-19 pandemic brought most our lives to stop, with the lockdowns gradually lifting, it’s time you make your holiday travel plans already.

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As we know that 2021 is just around the corner, the festival season will be bliss for everyone. There are plenty of things to love about the festival season, but the avidly interesting part is the planning of your festival outfit.

With so many top trending styles including loud patterns, vintage maxi-skirts, lace dresses, shoe accessories, and so much more, we’ve got you all covered up with exonerating festival outfit ideas to rock your way through the festival season.

Keeping it Trendy:

For a leisure festival night, there are tons of options to choose from.

  1. To stand out in the crowd, put on a crop-top and denim high-waist short while pairing it up with knee-length boots.
  2. For those who prioritize casualness, comfort, and warmth, a flutter top with animal printed jeans, while pairing it up with high wedge booties assembles perfect festival attire.
  3. If you’re attending a concert festival, show your unexplainable mirth by opting for the vintage flare pants; pair it up with a vibrant colored top, and T-strap heels.

Drool over the Dresses:

One can never go wrong by choosing a dress outfit for the festival. Here are a few ideas to assemble your dress outfit with elegance.

  1. Upraise your dress up game by choosing a printed maxi-dress, paired up with an ankle strap heel and some funky accessories.
  2. A plain mid-thigh dress, paired up with a denim jacket while hair tied up in a messy bun, is an ultimate crowd pleaser look.
  3. If you’ve worn out of wearing the same floral printed dress, opt for a neutral-toned approach to your free-spirit side; pair it up with a structured bag and high stiletto.
  4. A flowing white dress can also be the perfect way to flaunt of your beautiful natural tan, and if you don’t have one and are dying for it, LunaBronze might have the solution you need.

Skirts can never go wrong:

Skirtsare one of the most iconic festival styles since the ’80s and ’90s. They amend the vintage boho vibe with a new twist and help to carry a comfortable yet elegant look simultaneously.

  1. Go for an exquisite full circle skirt with a flattering A-line, style it with colored bandeaus or laces, wearing tons of bangles that will complement the overall look.
  2. During a day festival, glowing skin with a drooling black lace skirt paired up with a crop top and leather jacket is equally essential;
  3. Floral tops with short skirts look super cute; adding a flower crown or a matching hat will complete the look.

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