July 4, 2023 Reviews

From Bean to Brew: Exploring the Journey of Coffee

Ever wondered how this delicious coffee ended up in your cup? It’s not just you buying the packet of coffee from the store or buying a bag of beans; it’s so much more than that. The coffee you are sipping from your mug travelled thousands of miles and, handled by hundreds of people, took several weeks to end up in the store you buy it from.

Since coffee in its raw form is not edible, it is processed by multiple techniques and methods before it’s available in the market for you to buy. Coffee beans from every country which produces large quantities of coffee beans, each country has its distinctive taste due to their environmental conditions. If you are new, here is a complete buyer’s guide for you.    

What Makes Coffee So Special?

When you think about the exquisite taste of coffee, you suddenly think of the quality of coffee beans and the place where they are grown. But that’s not all about the wonderful taste of coffee. It consists more of the way and process coffee is made and the farmers whose dedication and work ethic towards farming makes the coffee so great, which enhances your coffee experience. If farmers lack any dedication towards their coffee plants or don’t take care of them so much, then coffee from the same place can differ in taste, and you won’t get the same high quality as before.

Harvesting Coffee Beans 

It all starts with small seeds that are planted in the nursery, where they can get enough sunlight and nutrients for the plant to grow healthy and bloom beautifully. It takes about 4-5 years for the coffee plant to fully mature, and then they are ready to harvest the coffee beans. In the beginning, coffee beans look like cherries. Those coffee beans are harvested either through machines or the regional plantation workers.

Extracting The Coffee Beans

The red cherry look is not the main thing. Inside is the green bean, which is extracted. There are a few ways to extract it: putting them in sunlight and continuously mixing them so they don’t get spoiled. After some days, the green bean is extracted.


After extracting green coffee beans, they are not roasted yet but are completely dry. Checking the quality of beans they are separated into different qualities for company purposes.  Then they are ready to be exported.

Tasting Of Coffee Beans

After the coffee beans are exported, a small amount of coffee beans are roasted and prepared for the cupper. A cupper’s job is to test the beans’ aromatic and flavour quality. They make sure everything is alright for the specialist blends.

Roasting And Packing The Coffee Beans

Finally, coffee beans are roasted at 550F temperature while constantly moving and mixing around to avoid burning and contain the essence of it. Then beans are packed according to the brewing process or left as a whole so the customer can do it by himself.


Every step matters, from planting the seed to roasting the beans when it comes to extracting that rich flavour from the coffee beans. If you want to buy coffee for your shop or house purposes, Axil Coffee Roasters – Wholesale Coffee Suppliers provides the top quality beans for you.