Transform Your Smile with Laser Gum Reshaping
April 23, 2023 Style

Gum Lifts and Facial Symmetry: How Dental Procedures Can Improve Your Overall Appearance

When it comes to facial symmetry, your jawline, teeth, and cheekbones play a great role in that. These three facial features are interconnected and make your expressions beautiful; your jaw can look asymmetrical if you have misaligned teeth. Also, if your gums have excess tissue, your cheeks can look unattractive.

So, to achieve facial symmetry, the least you can do is improve the features of your mouth with the help of dental procedures. Thankfully, plenty of less invasive procedures are available today to do the job hassle-free.

One procedure that can significantly improve your overall appearance and offer facial symmetry is gum lifts. If you are keen to know more about this dental procedure, follow this guide until the end, as there is everything you need to know about gum lifts and their role in facial symmetry. 

Transform Your Smile with Laser Gum Reshaping

About Gum Lifts And Their Connection To Facial Symmetry

A gum lift is a dental procedure that is also known as a gingivectomy. It is most commonly known for improving the smile and making it more pleasing. These cosmetic dental procedures involve the sculpting of the gum line in such a way that the extra tissue of the gum is removed to give your gum a lifted look.

After the procedure, you can find your teeth lifted, which gives the illusion of longer teeth. If you have a gummy smile or extra tissue on your gum, then your face can look asymmetrical. Thus, gum lifts and contouring are used to deal with it, enhancing your facial symmetry. Many public figures undergo this dental procedure to make their smile aesthetically pleasing and also have facial symmetry. 

About Laser Gum Contouring

Laser gum contouring is an advanced form of gum lifting. Earlier, people with gummy smiles had to undergo gum surgery in which the excessive tissue was cut out. Laser gum contouring has similar results as gum lifting. However, the only difference is that this procedure is easy and less invasive as it doesn’t take much time to heal.

Also, the laser seals the cut immediately, meaning there is no spill of blood too. You might feel slight pain or discomfort after the procedure, which can be easily manageable with over-the-counter painkillers prescribed by your dentist.

Benefits Of Laser Gum Contouring

Less Invasive

Earlier, there used to be surgery for these kinds of procedures, which could be painful. Also, if post-op care is not done correctly, there could also be severe infections. Compared to that, laser gum contouring is less invasive as the laser immediately seals the wound.

Time Efficient

Laser procedures are quick to carry out, and the results are also quick. After the procedure, patients can recover in anywhere around 1 week to 10 days, which is quite less than surgical procedures. 

Less Painful

Surgeries are always painful, and patients can experience excruciating pain even after the surgery is done. In the case of laser gum contouring, there could be tenderness around the area where the procedure was done, but no excruciating pain will be there. Usually, the pain is manageable with over-the-counter painkillers that your dentist prescribes. 

Quick Solution

Laser gum contouring is quick and effective. You can have the desired results in around 1 to 2 hours. After the procedure, it will take 1 week to return to your regular eating schedule.

How Can Dental Procedure Improve Your Overall Appearance?

People who have gummy smiles or excessive gum tissue know that their looks are compromised on a greater level. If they eliminate the extra tissue, their facial features can look symmetrical and in place. Due to this reason, many people go for gum contouring or lifting.

You can sculpt your smile however you want and eliminate the extra tissue without any hassle with laser gum contouring. Other dental procedures include dental implants, teeth alignment, gum lifting, etc. Some of the benefits of having such kind of dental procedures are:

Eliminates Extra Tissue

When you have more than the required gum tissue, it can give you a gummy smile. Despite having beautiful teeth, your smile won’t look good with too much gum tissue showing.

Gum lifts help you get rid of the excessive tissue, which can give you a wonderful smile back. Since your smile plays a big role in your appearance, it can improve your appearance once you get it fixed because of its domino effect.

Reduces The Appearance Of a Gummy Smile

As mentioned above, gum lifting or contouring involve sculpting and reshaping the gum and eliminating extra gum tissue. People who have a gummy smile and find it hideous can go through this dental procedure to improve their smile.

Give The Illusion Of Longer Teeth

Some people are born with a small set of teeth, and despite having a fair amount of gum tissue, it looks like that has too much gum tissue. A gum lift procedure can help create an illusion of longer teeth.

Not to mention, gum lifting means cutting out the extra tissue which lingers on your teeth. Once you reshape it, the part of your teeth which was previously covered gets exposed. As a result, more teeth area is visible, which creates an illusion of longer teeth. 

Final Thoughts

There are numerous dental procedures that can help improve your appearance. However, you should only consider such procedures if you have extreme misalignment of teeth or excess tissue. If your issue is not visible and not causing any major harm to your appearance, then you can avoid going through such procedures.

As far as gum lifting is concerned, it is a quick process as dentists are now using laser technology. Before laser technology, surgeries used to take place, which were highly risky. Due to this reason, people with gummy smiles used to contemplate their decisions a lot. However, since the procedure is carried out within an hour or two and is less invasive than surgery, anyone can get it done.