June 4, 2020 Melbourne

Top Libraries in Melbourne

Libraries are places that seem like heaven on earth for many. They are peaceful, quiet and you can read books without any interruption. For those who love books and want to sometimes get lost within the magical pages, libraries are the perfect location to escape the city life.

All over the world, libraries are cherished places by book lovers and are constructed in beautiful buildings. From old Victorian designs to new modern and sleek interior, you can find all type of libraries.

We decided to compile a list of our favorite libraries right here in Melbourne, so you can get a chance to visit them soon. Each one has a special feature that makes it unique and if you are a book lover, you would never want to leave, making them one of the perfect getaways in Melbourne. If you are someone from out of town and need a business car lease to explore these libraries on a work trip, so look no further.

1.     State library of Victoria

A library that was established in the mid-1800s is a dream for all those who would have loved to visit the library in beauty and the beast. With magical and royal vibes, this library is a piece of art itself. The dome room is the most extravagant room within the library. When you enter, you can hear the opening of books, listen to the low chatter and the ticking of the cogs. The library has 6 stories and is one of the most magnificent places to visit.

2.     Bargoonga Nganjin North Fitzroy Library

If you are someone who loves nature, greenery and the sound of birds chirping, then this library is for you. It is an outdoor library that is surrounded by greenery and plants in which avid readers can peacefully spend their mornings and evening in. It is a library that is inspired by modern architecture and has 7 floors, which features a very special roof top garden that is open for people to use.  They even offer author signings, book readings, music sessions and more.

3.     Bunjil Place Library

This library has one of the weirdest yet amazing architectures from all the libraries featured. It is beautifully made and features a digital games area, three floors of books, outdoor garden for reading and an amphitheater, and even space for little kids and children to read peacefully.

4.     The library at the dock

Just imagine relaxing with your favorite book with the water right in front of you and you can hear the soft waves. At the library at the dock, you can turn this vision into reality. Located in front of a water view, the library has around 200,000 books and a huge collection of magazines, E-books and more. It has community rooms, even a recording studio and more interesting things for you to enjoy.

5.     Melton Library

This library is one of the first to be awarded for its sustainability and environmental care. The design and architecture is breathtaking with large timbers and ceiling to floor windows.  It features recording rooms, community rooms and more for you to enjoy, relax and read. It even has a parent’s room, children’s room and youth center and a theater to entertain people of all ages.