January 23, 2019 Adventure

5 Tips Travel Tips For Our Curvy Ladies.

Most plus size women have always seen traveling as difficult, perhaps because they do not know the type of clothing to pack for their travel. Some of them choose carry-ons that would not fit even their 17-inch laptop for travel making the packing a bigger challenge. The first problem that you might experience as a plus size woman relates to the size of your clothing. Some manufacturers mostly use extra clothing gobs instead of re-sizing the patterns properly for their plus-sized consumers.

With the right packing tips, you will not worry about rolling or folding the clothing. You will easily plop your 15 pairs of microfiber underwear in the same space you used to fit only two pairs. The washing process will also be easier. When packing your bras, hosiery bras will take lesser space and will not need any special packing.

How to pack tops

To pack your tops properly, you should learn how to layer. The thin tanks work as shirts or shells during the day when traveling to a warm area. If you have thin feminine shaped trees, you might need to choose thin wool cardigans for the evenings, or when moving to the cool areas.

A fleece blazer will double as a jacket in the cold weather. And your rain jacket will function as a nylon windbreaker. All the tops roll up in one of your packing cubes, except for the jackets. Stick to four primary colors so that everything matches, including the patterns.

To avoid packing a large number of tops, you might need to consider plus size shirts online after you get to your location. Online stores provide key pieces to improve your appearance and to make your travel easier. Vibrant prints and flattering fits for all shapes will make it easier to find something that you will definitely love. Furthermore, the available plus size tops and shirts will match the season.

The bottoms

For bottoms, choose one pair of pants, one pair of cropped pants, 2 skirts and one pair of shorts. Ensure that they are thin, neutral in color and can roll to fit in a single packing cube. In another cube, pack your underwear. Try to pack the heavier items when traveling between stops.


Toiletries and skincare have remained a problem with 3-1-1 liquids flights rule. If you have sensitive skin, there is a higher chance that you will not use a lot of shampoos or soaps, but if possible, use what the hotel offers. Three ounces of gentle shampoo will definitely last for several weeks. Lightweight hair spray and skin conditioner might last forever at just 3 ounces. Try the remedies grown in the areas you are traveling to if you need quality products.


Among the big issues, people experience when packing relates to the medication. You might need to carry all your bottles in addition to the written prescriptions and small empty weekly pills in see-through makeup bags so that you can easily pull out in a single piece. You will rarely experience trouble after setting up a pill case at your destination.