March 5, 2019 Adventure

Travelling Coastal Australia Must Haves

It will take you around 6 hours to get from East Coast (Brisbane) to West Coast (Perth) by air. And if you were planning to get there by road, you might need to reconsider your choice. A larger percentage of the Australian population prefers living along the coast. Therefore, unless your goal is to road trip along the Eastern Coast, prepare to travel for days. The place is full of genuine wide smiles and the adventures will inspire many stories that you will find yourself telling from time to time. But before you leave your home, you will have to decide on what to pack. Here are the must-haves when travelling to Coastal Australia.


If you have already seen Wolf Creek, then you possibly know all the dangers associated with road tripping in Australia. In fact, many people have perished in this vast wilderness of Australia and if the flat red landscape’s interior is unfamiliar to you, it can become disorientating faster and easier. Even if you are planning to stick to the cities or the coast, getting lost can lead to a terrible experience. Here are some survival tips if you get lost in the outback. Getting lost is the main reason you should invest in GPS technology and allow the device to do some work so that you can concentrate on the views alone.


Actually, Wikicamps is the best app you can buy when planning to road trip in Australia. The app goes for $7 and you just need to download and install it in your Smartphone. After that, you will be able to discover many free, luxury and budget campsites along your road trip routes. Moreover, Wikicamps provides you with more information about the picnic stops and some other areas. Travellers also leave their reviews after using the mobile app.

Water bottles

Never underestimate the amount of water you will consume during a road trip. Even though you might not be planning to go remote, the driving alone can be a thirsty job and you will require more water for the vehicle. A large water container (probably a 10 L, 15 L or a 20 L container accessible from the hardware or camping stores) will be a great investment in addition to your hard floor camper. When going bush, you will have to be extra ready and take some more water so that you can wash your dishes, clothes and bathe. Each person will need at least 5L per day.

An Esky

You will need a way to keep your food good to eat and cold for long periods. If you are not planning to travel on a restricted budget, invest in a fridge – otherwise, go for an esky. Buy a block of ice and place it at your esky’s bottom. After that, buy several bags of ice cubes to pour the food and on top. That way, you will manage to keep your food good for extended periods. Most service stations and roadhouses provide Ice. Therefore, with the option, you will never go hungry when road tripping.

Camping swag

A durable swag is a must-have part of any road trip in Australia. With one, you will manage to camp under the stars, save money and experience some of the leading national parks in the country – most of them offer camp accommodation facilities solely. A campervan or sleeping inside your car might not allow you to soak up the night’s temperatures.